Shigeru Fujita's Office; Research Area: Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Processing System

Resent Publications in English

  1. Shigeru Fujita, Yutaro Taki, Yotaro Miyanishi, Tokuyasu Kakuta, Masahiro Hiji, Kenji Sugawara,Norio Shiratori, Cloud Moulin and Thierry Digel, "Digital-Ji-in: A framework for sustainable digital identification records based on a peer-to-peer network", IEEE CSCWD 2020(accepted, Conference is postponement by COVID-19)
  2. Thierry Gidel, Shigeru Fujita, Claude Moulin, Kenji Sugawara, Takuo Suganuma, Yuki Kaeri and Norio Shiratori. Enforcing Methodological Rules During Collaborative Brainstorming to Enhance Results, IEEE CSCWD 2019
  3. Yasue Iijima, Shigeru Fujita, Susumu Konno , Proposal of Algorithm for Designating the Person in Charge of Page Turn of PEANUTS Considering the Concert Program, 2016 10th International Conference on Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems (CISIS), 2016
  4. Claude Moulin, Kenji Sugawara, Yuki Kaeri, Shigeru Fujita, Synchronous interaction for supporting remote multilingual brainstorming, Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE 18th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD), 2014
  5. Claude Moulin, Kenji Sugawara, Shigeru Fujita, "Synchronous Remote Collaboration Using Multi-touch Devices," to appear, 2013
  6. Susumu Konno, Shigeru Fujita, "Agent-Based Interface for a 3D Virtual Office Space," ICCI*CC2013,July 17-18, 2013, NY, USA
  7. Norio Shiratori, et.al., "Symbiotic Computing Based Approach Towards Reducing Users Burden Due to Information Explosion", Jornal of Information Processing, 2012
  8. Kenji Sugawara, Shigeru Fujita,"Mobile Symbiotic Interaction between a User and a Personal Assistant Agent," ICCI*CC2012, 2012
  9. Shigeru Fujita, Kenji Sugawara, "A Design Method for User Centric System Development by Symbiotic Computing," Centric2012, 2012
  10. Shunya Takahasi, Shigeru Fujita, "A Case Study of the Autonomous Robot System in Outdoor Environment," IW-STEIC, 2012
  11. Shigeru Fujita, "Knowledge Management for a LAN design and operations using multi-agent systems," CSCWD2011, 2011
  12. Kenji Sugawara, Shigeru Fujita, "Interaction Zone between an office worker," CSCWD 2011, 2011
  13. Kenji Sugawara, Shigeru Fujita, "Non-verbal Interface of a Personal Agent based on Symbiotic Computing Model," ICCI*CC2011, 2011
  14. Kenji Sugawara, Shigeru Fujita, "Low-Level Cognitive Process Model for Symbol Grounding in Context-Aware System," ICCI*CC2011, 2011
  15. Norio Shiratori, Toshimitu Miyamoto, Devasih Chakrabory, Hideyuki takahashi, Shigeru Fujita, Takuo Suganuma, Atsushi Takeda, "Post Ubiquitous Society: Problem, Proposals and its Applications,International Jounal of Informatics Soceity," Vol.1 No.1, ISSN 1883-4566, pp. 2-15, (2009)
  16. Cloude Moulin, Laurent Wouters, Kenji Sugawara, Shigeru Fujita, Yusuke Manabe, "Multilingual Collaborative Design Support System",13th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design,IEEE, pp. 312-318, (2009)
  17. Takahide Maemura, Shigeru Fujita Tetsuo Kinoshita, "Flexible Distributed System for Symbiotic Computing," 8th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics (ICCI 2009), pp. 141-144, (2009)
  18. Kenji Sugawara, Yusuke Manabe, Shigeru Fujita, Cloude Mouline, Jean-Paul BARTHES, "An Approach to a Sharing of Work Awareness of Teleworkers," 14th Conference on Telework, ITA2009, pp. 32-43, (2009)

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1. Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Architecture, Symbol Grounding

2. Multi-Agent Systems

Conflict Resolution, Communication

3. Distributed Processing System

Secure Multi-party Computation, Internet of Things, Information Fllow of Things, Blockchain

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